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Since their inception in 2012, NIBIRU gave vent to their ritualized improvisation urge. They totally refused the concept of ordinary song form, leaving their energy flow, and channelling that into live recordings. In Fall 2014 NIBIRU signed to Argonauta Records, and CAOSGON and NETRAYONI (originally self-released) were reissued by the label in January 2015. Following their philosophical path, the band crafts PADMALOTUS. Once again, the lyrics are in Enochian language. The 4 tracks were written between September 2014 and January 2015. According to the previous albums, also PADMALOTUS is connected to occult themes of Eastern Orient. NIBIRU loves exploring the Left-Hand Path (Vama Marg), Kuala rituals, Aghori rituals and Kundalini awakening.

  • Highly anticipated new album of the Italian Ritual Sludge masters.
  • Massive feedbacks by the recent NIBIRU reissues by Argonauta Records “Caosgon” and “Netrayoni”.
  • Recommended if you like: BONG, CELTIC FROST, SWANS, LEVIATHAN.