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Padmalotus 2LP

NIBIRU will release their acclaimed third opus “Padmalotus” as 2LP gatefold 180 gr., limited to 300 copies on February 26th.

This release features a new artwork made by their new drummer LC Chertan, and a new version of the song “Khem”.

PADMALOTUS was recorded by NIBIRU at Aadya’s Temple, then mixed and mastered by Emiliano “Pilloplex” Pilloni at Soundlab Studio. The Italian trio created its own Art focusing all the energies on the songs’ structure, instead of following the improvisation as they did in the previous albums. Through PADMALOTUS NIBIRU reached their artistic peak. Or at least until the next expressions of their invocations.

Padmalotus Track Listing:
1. Krim
2. Ashmadaeva
3. Trikona
4. Khem

“Despite having existed so deep in the underground Jules Verne would have returned none the wiser, Nibiru have released two-and-a-half hours’ worth of extra-dimensional, reality unbinding missives since 2013”. Metal Hammer UK

“Nibiru’s third strike into the spiritual unknown still proves both compelling and menacing, but develops a stronger penchant for more simplistic songwriting and focus on immediacy” – Sputnik Music

“Espression of ancient religions, evil rituals, heading for oblivion in a black sky. It’s mesmerizing music with razor sharp black metal riff mixed with acid rock, prog and kraut rock. They want to conquer distant galaxies with sounds from another world. They’re the bastard son of Pink Floyd’s Ummagunna filled with mantric invocations. Beware: they burn your mind”. Rock Hard Italy

“A definite highlight this year in the drone and psychedelic departments, and highly recommend for any of my fellow psychonauts, or people who are just looking to get that inner trance gene stimulated”. metalstorm.net