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Re-release of the second NIBIRU album originally out in 2014. “Netrayoni” is a massive double album of tribal psychedelic sludge. Imagine BONG jamming with UFOMAMMUTand that is only a glimpse of what to expect on this psychedelic journey into the unknown. NIBIRU will release the highly anticipated new album in Spring 2015 on ARGONAUTA Records.

“Nibiru have embraced the Drone side of their music unlike ever before as it violently clashes with the warped out vibes of their Doom/Sludge Metal riffs they brought to the world less than a year ago. Nibiru add distorted voices that echo from a distant world or dimension with the heavy and slow pounding sludge metal riffs trying to confuse you at every turn.”.
Review by The Sludgelord

Disc 1 – Ritual I the Kaula’s Circle
1. Kshanika Mukta 17:12
2. Apsara 10:35
3. Sekhet Aahru 05:09
4. Qaa-Om Sapah 13:15
5. Arkashani 03:25

Disc 2 – Ritual II Tears of Kaly
1. Kwaw-Loon 16:35
2. Sekhmet 07:25
3. Celeste: Samsara Is Broken (remastered version) 10:54
4. Viparita Karani 07:54
5. Sothis 02:03