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Caosgon – 2017

Extended edition of the stunning 2013 album by Italian psychonauts NIBIRU. CAOSGON is actually a milestone of the ritual sludge…

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Qaal Babalon – CD

QAAL BABALON is “the exact continuation of our first opus CAOSGON and NETRAYONI” the band says “Anger, uncontrolled…

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Padmalotus 2LP

NIBIRU will release their acclaimed third opus “Padmalotus” as 2LP gatefold 180 gr., limited to 300 copies on February 26th.…

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ARGONAUTA Records, in collaboration with DOOMMABBESTIA “Doom’n’Heavy Psych ‘zine”, is proud to announce the new release…

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Since their inception in 2012, NIBIRU gave vent to their ritualized improvisation urge. They totally refused the concept of…

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Re-release of the second NIBIRU album originally out in 2014. “Netrayoni” is a massive double album of tribal psychedelic…

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Re-release of the first NIBIRU album originally out in 2013. A stunning piece of ritual sludge made by psychedelic riffs and…

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