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Re-release of the first NIBIRU album originally out in 2013. A stunning piece of ritual sludge made by psychedelic riffs and ancient tribal chanting based vocals. NIBIRU will release the highly anticipated new album in Spring 2015 on  ARGONAUTA Records.

“These guys take you on a journey like no other. Psychedelic Tribal Ambient Riffs come crushing all around you from the very first second of amazing opening epic 18 minute track – Invokation 1 – The First Test. An eerie cowbell (yes cowbell) sets the tone of the album before a mid-paced Sludge Metal riff kicks in. This is where your journey starts folks. So strap in as the next 50 mins of your life will be owned by NIBIRU”.
Review by The Sludgelord

1. Invokation I: The Acid Skull
2. Smashanam, the Crematorium Ground of Kaly
4. Invokation IV: Heru-Khentan-Maati
3. Aster Argos
5. Umbra Venefica